Weekend and Holiday Meals

Going to the grocery store and preparing dinner are probably part of your normal routine. What would you do if you were physically unable to shop or cook for yourself - would your friends or family be able to assist you? If not, would you have the financial means to have meals prepared for you?

The recipients of the JCC’s weekend meals program have access to meals during the week but they have no other resources for obtaining food on the weekends and are therefore most at risk of malnutrition. They are completely dependent on us.

Sadly, the New York Dept. for the Aging ceased all funding for weekend meals. The JCC of Washington Heights has determinedly continued delivering nutritious, freshly cooked, traditional Shabbat foods directly to seniors’ homes every Friday as we know that, for seniors, not eating right rapidly diminishes overall health. However, after a year we have run out of funding. We are therefore turning to you for your support so that we can continue to run this program.

$15 will fund one weekend of nutritious meals for a senior - $60 would enable us to provide meals for a month, $780 would feed a senior every weekend for a year.

Click on the link below to fund one weekend, or set up a monthly donation (we incur a fee for every PayPal donation – please consider adding 3% so we can fully benefit from your contribution). Be sure to include that you would like us to allocate your donation towards this program!